How to Attract Women-- The Real Truth ("Chemistry Creating" Secrets Revealed)

So, you'd like to know how to attract women. Or maybe there's one special woman you'd like to attract. Well, if you're going to attract beautiful women, you have to know how to create chemistry.

Here are a few of my observations and experiences with "chemistry." First off, "chemistry" is a word that holds deep meaning for women, but not much meaning for men. If you look through the profiles on you'll find a significant number of women say they're looking for "chemistry," not attraction.

Chemistry is not to be confused with "love" although many people, unfortunately, do so. It's a transient high that occurs when two people first meet each other, and it's something that lasts for months, not years—it tends to wear off with time and familiarity. Chemistry is closely linked with attracting women-- if you can't create it, you can't attract women, no matter how hard you try.

how to attract womenChemistry is triggered in women by what I call, "naughty boy" behavior in men... unpredictable, fun, unexpected things, a "naughty boy smile," then switching between sincerity and back again to "naughtiness" just when she thinks she has you figured out.

When women experience "intense chemistry" with a guy, they tend to think about him all the time—scarcity can increase the intensity of a woman's attraction all the more, because when you part ways, you leave her wanting more, with her not wanting you to leave. That's when you know a woman is attracted to you.

Under the glare of intense chemistry (where "longing" is a component) women tend to rationalize or "re-frame" obvious bad behavior by the guy—he borrows money from her constantly because he's a lazy bum, she views him as simply "down on his luck, someone who'll get it together soon." When the chemistry disappears, and she sees the bum for what he is, oftentimes you'll hear these exact words, "I just don't know what I saw in him." That's when a woman's attraction will just plain disappear.

Chemistry is not something that "happens," nor is attraction-- it can be created by careful practice and application of what I teach in Secrets of Natural Attraction ( ). When you switch the question in your head from, "Gee, I wonder if she likes me?" to "How can I create and enhance ‘chemistry' and attraction in her?" you're well on your way to massive success with women. You'll finally understand how to attract women, something few men will ever know.

Obviously there's more to know about chemistry, more to know about how to attract women—but if you keep the above in mind when interacting with any woman, more often than not you'll do something few people are ever able to do in OR out of school... get an "A" in chemistry.

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