Men: Dating and Single? Here's How to Attract Sexy Women

So, you're dating and your single.  And maybe you're not doing as well as you'd like.  And maybe you'd like to keep dating for a bit, but you don't want to be single for long.

Well, in this article I'm going to reveal one common sense "dating single" tip that could just save your dating life. Did you know that women actually have a sense of smell three times more powerful than men?  It's true... and it can work for you and against you.

How it can work against you is obvious, but many single guys ignore the obvious.  If you go to meet a woman you're dating, be sure you're showered, and smell clean.  If she's coming over to your place, be sure your place is clean, especially all the pee stains around the toilet.  If you think there "might be" a smell, then there is, and nothing kills attraction faster than a foul odor.  It's a guaranteed way to stay "dating single" for a long time.

dating singleGo and fetch yourself one of those scented candles, and fire it up a few hours before she comes over—it'll make the place smell good, and almost every woman I know loves candles.

Another way scent can work against you is this:  if you wear a cologne that an ex boyfriend (or abusive or gross relative) wears, then you'll fire off an anchor in her, brining back all the bad memories associated with that scent.  She'll feel bad around you, and think you're the reason.  On a first meeting, I recommend you don't wear a cologne, just show up smelling fresh.

Here's how smell CAN work for you when you're dating and single.  Once you know she's attracted to you, ask her if she likes cologne on men.  If she says yes, get her to take you shopping and pick out a brand she likes best.  While you're there, ask her if there's any scented candles she really likes (I haven't met a woman yet who doesn't like scented candles).

Then whenever you see her, wear the cologne she likes, and whenever she comes over burn the candles she likes.  Presuming you've done a good job creating attraction (see for details on this), whenever she smells your cologne or candle, she'll think of YOU.  That ways she'll think about you even when you're not around!

So the lesson is this:  just make sure you stink the way she likes you to stink, and you'll be A-OK.

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